Win a Block N Load Bundle and a Fully Loaded Edition of the Game!

We adore Block N Load here at n3 and we’ve been given the chance to share that love with an exclusive Block N Load Bundle to give away!

Jagex has offered us a unique prize to offer one lucky Block N Load fan as well as five runner up prizes for those not as lucky, but just as awesome. What we’re giving away is a handful of Block N Load merchandise including an umbrella that looks like O.P. Juan Shinobi’s Katana! Who wouldn’t want that? In addition to this you’ll also receive a Fully Loaded Edition of the game to play too!

Block N Load is a five v five tactical shooter that blends in whacky first person shooter elements, with the block building and destroying madness of games like Minecraft. Players are required to attack the enemy base while at the same time keeping the enemy from destroying theirs. The entire map is also destructible which means anything is possible and no two games are the same. The game recently launched out of Early Access and can be purchased on Steam right now!

So, how do you win all of the prizes (see below)? Simple, pop a comment in the box below letting us know who your favourite Block N Load character is. It’s that simple. Currently you’ve got six to choose from and here’s a little reminder:

  • ‘Sarge’ Stone
  • O.P. Juan Shinobi
  • Nigel Purdey-Longshot
  • ‘Tony’ Turretto
  • Cogwheel
  • ‘Doc’ Eliza Doolally

So, let us know who’s your favourite and we’ll be picking the winner next weekend! Remember, when you do post your comment below, ensure to enter a valid email address as that’s how we’ll be contacting you if you’re lucky enough to win!

Win a Block N Load Bundle and a Fully Loaded Edition of the Game! - n3rdabl3

We will will choose one main winner who’ll win the goodies seen above, as well as five runner-ups who’ll receive a Fully Loaded Edition of the game to be redeemed on Steam.

So what are you waiting for Blockheads, throw your favourite in the comments below!

  • Oliver Spud Bottomley

    O.P. Juan Shinobi is a close second to Nigel Purdey-Longshot

  • LimeParty

    Definately Doc Eliza Doolaly! Nothing like a crazy doctor in the field of battle!

  • Pancho Gutierrez

    Sargeant ‘Sarge’ Stone for sure, he can destroy the enemy defenses with ease!

  • Czecho-Slovak Forces

    ‘Doc’ Eliza Doolally

  • Bioshi

    ‘Sarge’ Stone definitely.

  • dblitz

    O.P. Juan Shinobi, trolls all around the battlefield

  • Azuresilver Gaming

    its gotta be Turrent Master “Tony’ Turretto”

  • TJ Daberkow

    Cogwheel is my favorite! He is amazing on offense and defensive as the battlefield changes. Plus he is a cool robot!

  • Plan-B

    Sarge’ Stone

  • Sean M.

    Eliza for sure! gass em out!