Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10 will be coming to Xbox One later this year after the summer period

We already know that Microsoft won’t be launching Windows 10 on Xbox One the same time they plan on launching the OS, but what we don’t know is roughly when we’ll be seeing Microsoft’s unified operating system across all of its other platforms. Now however we’ve received more of an indication on when the Xbox One will see the massive update.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer has revealed in a tweet that the beta edition of Windows 10 would arrive on the console “post-summer”. Unfortunately no other details were released, but it’s interesting to hear about it being a beta rather than a full release, which suggests a full release is much later on the cards, perhaps some time in early 2016? Though “post-summer” could mean anything from autumn/winter 2015, to spring 2016.

Set to be a pretty significant jump for the Xbox One’s software, Windows 10 on Xbox One will allow players to stream Windows PC games to Xbox and vice-versa, not to mention cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC players on compatible games. Chances are we’ll hear about all of this and more come E3 next month.

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