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World of Warcraft subscribers are dropping once again, Blizzard has revealed.

Things started to look up for World of Warcraft following the release of the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Before its release subscriber numbers were on the decline and dipped as low as 6.8 million, fortunately for Blizzard in the build up to the expansions release and thereafter, subscribers rose to the 1o million mark.

Unfortunately that didn’t last too long as in just three months time, subscribers to the popular MMO have dropped by three million putting the current subscriber number down to 7.1 million. Blizzard are looking on the bright side though and have reviled that despite falling numbers, World of Warcraft is still the most popular MMO in the world.

The publisher noted that things like price increases in select regions and “strong uptake of value added service,” have actually offset subscriber declines in terms of the revenue gained from the title.

Though a reason for the decline wasn’t revealed, chances are it could have something to do with the introduction of World of Warcraft Tokens which allow players to use gold earned in the game to purchase tokens that can be exchanged for game time. Though it’s debatable that almost three million players play enough of the game to give up subscriptions in favour of the token system.

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Shelly Renee
Shelly Renee

Subscriptions were declining long before the introduction of the token system. Anyone who reads the forums of WoW would see the list of reasons among 1000s who posted there. It ranged from: ~Still no flying in new expansion ~Nearly everything revolves around Garrisons ~Professions nerfed/altered to nearly useless. ~No proper fixes to current PvP content It is said that players should speak with their wallets when they’re unhappy about a game when all else fails. However, it is proven since Cataclysm that Blizzard still doesn’t listen when they lose 3 million+ subscribers. They care more about making the game how… Read more »