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Microsoft has accidentally leaked the next version of their Xbox One controller via their support page…

It looks like Microsoft might have some hardware changes to announce at E3 next month as their support page has just leaked word that a new version of the Xbox One Controller will be incoming with an added 3.5mm jack input.

On the company’s own Xbox Support website, an update has occurred which adds mention of a 3.5mm headphone port at the base of the controller. Along side the new addition is the note: “only available on controllers released after June 2015”.

Right now that seems to be the only change on the controller, at least that’s all Microsoft has currently revealed for the new controller, though it’d be hard to see the company releasing any drastic changes in terms of how the controller is used.

While Microsoft is making changes, there could be the addition of one of the most requested features for the controller and that’s to allow the controller to be charged out of the box rather than with a Play and Charge kit which is sold separately.


Here’s what the new Support page shows:

xbox one portrxbox one port 2

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