Prepare to hear squeakers sending you voice messages with the latest update for the Xbox One

One thing I loved about the Xbox One as not hearing anyone’s voice in my inbox. I prefer to read messages not try and make out what abuse some random person is sending me. Plus trying to decipher incoherent babble really isn’t my cup of tea. Sadly in this months update the return of voice messaging is back. Oh joy.

Fortunately that’s not all that’s coming to the Xbox One this month as a bunch of other requested features have found their way onto Microsoft’s console this month, the most notable is the Dedicated Servers for Party Chat which should be making their way onto the console soon. This would help out those with poor connections achieve a better party experience, because lord knows that’s probably one of the biggest gripes I have with the Xbox One right now.

As you might remember, the dedicated server feature was rolled out to preview members in March, but had to take a few more months before it could be fully rolled out. Now it’s here and hopes to improve NAT traversal issues that prevented some people from being able to use party chat. Over the coming weeks that feature is being rolled out to everyone.

Another new feature is the ability to turn on, or off your Xbox One using the SmartGlass app. That’s right, the Smartglass App for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android are receiving an update to allow you to turn on and off your Xbox One console without getting out of your sear or using your voice.

Finally, Microsoft has updated the initial set up experience across the world allowing users to select their preferred power mode. Because we all know the controversy the Instant-on feature has caused.

The update is set to have landed this week, so be sure to check if your console has updated automatically by going to the settings menu.

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