Playtonic’s incredibly popular Kickstarter-funded game Yooka-Laylee has got an interesting story progression.

With Yooka-Laylee beginning development thanks to the £1 million+ in funding they’ve received, the team has shared a little about how they’re going to handle the game’s story and level progression. It seems that they’re going down a charmingly classic route, letting players experience the story based in a series of “magical books”, and while players can progress each level one after the other, they’re making sure returning to past levels is just as rewarding.

Speaking to GamesRadar, creative lead Gavin Price revealed how Playtonic will be using said magical books as the foundations for the game’s story and worlds:

This time around, the worlds will all be contained within these larger magical books and we’ll have quite book-ish names for the levels as well…Sometimes they’ll sound more like titles of books when you go into the levels and you’ll explore them that way by collecting Pages as well. So you can go into a world, and it’ll start off similar to a Banjo level in terms of scope, size and complexity, but then you can spend your Pages expanding the current world or use them to unlock a future world as well.

They’re also hoping that the level design will offer something more than just completing each level one by one, with the option for players to return to further expand each book’s game world and add a level of replayability to past levels, no matter how far players have progressed.

We actually wanted to make it so that if players want to go through into one world and then go ahead and see the next word, but still come back later on, they can do that. We’re ‘de-linearising’ the experience.

Yooka-Laylee is currently still on Kickstarter and has so far raised an incredible £1.6 million with 28 days to go. If the Kickstarter hit’s the £2 million mark, Playtonic will develop DLC that’ll be free to all backers.

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