The calmer sequel to Luca Redwood’s match-three puzzler 10000000, You Must Build a Boat, will finally set sail next month

After being in development for well over a year, Redwood’s You Must Build a Boat is set to embark on its Steam and mobile adventure on June 4 and will have players, well. Building a boat. It’s also set to come as a free update for some, though depending on the platform and whether player actually want the free update, it might be a little more of a difficult process, Redwood has revealed.

You Must Build A Boat will contain the same block sliding gameplay as 10000000 but with the addition of boat building, of course. It’ll also include monster-catching and dungeon modifiers just to add a bit of freshness to the game. The game is set to launch on Steam, iOS, Android, Humble, and “anywhere else I can think of” says Redwood.

Originally the idea behind the game was to have it as a free update to the original, but as development progressed it became something much bigger. Now the game has become its own standalone release, but for those still hoping for the free update, it could happen, but it depends. Speaking to Destructoid, Redwood revealed that while he’d like the free update to happen it might be difficult depending on the platform. He also added that the update would be opt-in because many have expressed interest in paying for You Must Build A Boat.

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