3D Mini Golf

Being a fan of golf I welcomed 3D Mini Golf into my steam library looking forward to playing a few courses. Now I know that golf is not to everyone’s taste and given that golf, mini and crazy are all a bit different it would make sense. Each of those I find enjoyable in some respect but playing 3D Mini Golf I generally found myself bored dangerly quick in what I hoped would have been a solid experience.

3D Mini Golf, developed by Z-Software and published by rokapublish, 3D Mini Golf is a small offering for a questionably high price. It is one thing to play golf in the real world and then to enjoy it in the virtual and not offer anything special. 3D Mini Golf will give you a basic mini golf experience but lacks the flavour and spice you would hope to make it stand out against other games on the market.

Visually 3D Mini Golf is not a bad-looking game as it offers a realistic style to ground the game in. You will find yourself playing mini golf on a beach, at a campsite and a park across a total of 54 courses. Everything sits together comfortably and no one objects stands out to break the visual style. My own complaint in regards to visuals would be that I felt that the backdrop for each course seemed a bit unneeded. This is more of a complaint when taking into account that most courses offer no unique feature. Sure some of them have rumps and tunnels, jumps and swinging platforms but nothing memorable that made me think ‘That’s brilliant’. Each course was a simple as it was forgettable in design with most of the enjoyable levels ending up being a quick shot to complete and with each course looking the same it gets old fast.

Control-wise 3D Mini Golf starts to stand up offering simple but effective controls. One button for rotating the camera and another for swinging your club. One annoying factor however is how long you have to wait between each shot. It is understandable to wait for the ball to stop but seeing as it flies off so fast, then rolls slowly to a standstill I would have liked to have seen this whole process a bit faster. Additionally, some courses mix up the gameplay but having set rules applied to them. One example of this would be the annoying white boxes that if your ball stops outside of one, it is then taken back to the last white box you touched. It is a nice feature but can get annoying at times. On a positive however the course which give you two ways around to the hole are some of the better courses 3D Mini Golf has to offer.

3D Mini Golf

3D Mini Golf does also offer local multiplayer that allows for turn-based games to be played on one machine with up to four players. Sadly, no online multiplayer this time around but the local gives you a good amount of fun if you and some friends are all sat in one room. Given that there are eighteen official tournament holes added to the mix as well may find a good amount of enjoyment from playing with friends.

Touching back on graphics for a second the game doesn’t other any option to run the game in window mode. In fact the options menu is rather short on many things. Change the volume of a few bits and the resolution and a trick box or two but that is it. Personally I much prefer to play games in windowed mode so though this isn’t a mark against the game it would of been nice to see a few more options. Side note though, menus are easy to navigate and do what you would expect which is nice.

3D Mini Golf is not a bad game but at the same time it is hard to say that it is a good game at that. Offering a fair amount of content which can be finished in around an hour or two with medals and local multiplayer being the main offering for replayability. 3D Mini Golf falls short at the final mark by not having that spice to make it stand out. What would make 3D Mini Golf a great game other than a good game would have been to have seen a bit more of a focus and mix on courses with less on the backdrops. Few more changes to the gameplay and courses and 3D Mini Golf would be a lot more fun. As it stands however 3D Mini Golf is a solid mini golf experience even if being a bit short and forgettable but does stand tall when played with friends.

3D Mini Golf is available on Steam for £10.99 or your regional equivalent.

3D Mini Golf

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