The announcement of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer happened a while ago, but at E3 last week, Nintendo announced another game in the franchise.  Following on from our report about Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, we can now confirm some additional information, as well as give an overview of Happy Home Designer.

At the time we only suspected four Animal Crossing amiibo figures were coming out for Amiibo Festival but it’s now been revealed that there will in actual fact be double that, with a total of eight (yes, EIGHT!) Animal Crossing amiibos coming out later in the year.

The figures include Isabelle, Digby, Tom Nook, K.K. Slider, Mabel, Reese, Cyrus and Lottie (who I’m not familar with despite playing all the Animal Crossing games from Gamecube up, however I suspect she may be one of the game’s hosts).  All have special bases featuring the Animal Crossing style grass, which is a cute touch.

The game also appears to be available as a bundle, which includes Isabelle and Digby amiibos plus three amiibo cards to be used in the upcoming Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, due for release for 3DS in September.  The bundle hasn’t been officially announced on any Nintendo channel, however box art has been seen on various sites including EB Games and BestBuy.

Animal Crossing: Amiibo FestivalAnimal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is apparently more than just the board-game style we saw in the original announcement, with Nintendo Treehouse confirming that this is just one of many elements of the game (they don’t showcase anything besides the board game, however they hope to talk about the rest of the game at a later date).  Each day will include different events and actions common to the Animal Crossing franchise but compressed into the different format.  You can check out all the gameplay and information in the video below (25 mins).

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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer will use elements from the Happy Home Academy mini-game that Animal Crossing players will be familiar with.  Scanning amiibo cards will bring in new animals to create home designs for.  You can also scan the cards to invite animals in to live in the board game of Amiibo Festival, and the house you designed will come too. There seems to be a fair bit of cross over between the two games, which should be fun!

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is also available as a bundle with the game, a NFC reader/writer (for if you don’t have a New 3DS) and an amiibo card.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home DesignerAdditional cards for the game will be sold separately in blind packs, similar to the old e-reader ones back in the Gameboy Advance and Gamecube days (I still have all mine, perfect and mint in folders, plus a box of unopened Japanese ones that I picked up for about 1500¥ when I was over there).

animal_crossing_happy_home_designer_e3There is a rumour going around that Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival will actually be a free download but will require amiibos to play.  I’m not 100% convinced about this given  the presence of the bundle and the lack of credible cited sources provided.  The rumour comes from one single source, who reportedly attended E3 and heard it from several Nintendo employees. However, Nintendo has yet to provide any concrete information for or against the rumour.  At the end of the Treehouse video, they say it will be “available for purchase right around the holiday season” which seems pretty clear evidence against the rumour.

I also found some Japanese information for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer which has me nearly hyperventilating… a new 3DS LL – if only it is released outside of Japan!!

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer new 3DS LL

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