Last week I wrote a lengthy post on the new Animal Crossing games coming soon from Nintendo.  This week I’ve some more information, specifically about the amiibo cards that will be used in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

As you will recall, Happy Home Designer is an extension of one of the mini-games in the standard Animal Crossing games, the Happy Home Academy.  Inclusion in the HHA means your home will be rated weekly by secret, invisible judges who mysteriously enter your home and poke through your stuff, making completely biased judgements on how good it looks.  Happy Home Designer brings this competitive spirit into a game of its own, where you are now an interior designer, and must design a home for your animal client, ensuring you meet their desires and needs for furniture and style.

New animals are brought into the game through the use of special Animal Crossing amiibo cards, one of which will come as part of the game’s package (the presumption is that the card will be for Isabelle, your charming mayoral assistant from Animal Crossing: New Leaf), though this has yet to be confirmed.

The amiibo cards will come in blind packets and each packet will have six cards each (this is confirmed; it was previously rumoured there would be just three cards).  The expected cost for each packet is 300¥ (or roughly $3/£1.50).  The latest news is that there will be an initial “wave” of 100 Animal Crossing amiibo cards, but that additional waves will come later.  This is not altogether surprising, given there were four series of Animal Crossing e-reader cards for the GameCube game.

Holographic cards have also been confirmed (spotted at E3), and these seem to be for seven specific special characters: Isabelle, K.K. Slider (as DJ K.K.), Tom Nook, Resetti, Digby, Lyle and Lottie.  I haven’t been able to confirm if there are non-holographic versions of these cards, and whether there will be any special in-game benefits to using the holos versus any standard versions. I did, however, discover out that each pack will include the five villager cards plus a special character card in every pack (at this stage, presumably a holo).

Given the random element of blind packets, you can imagine how much cash you’ll need to fork out to get a complete set, however if the special characters are holos, then they’ll be good for trading and will actually have the opposite effect to the usual holographic treatment – in that there will be more of them than less.  I’m personally looking into setting up a swap meet for when the game comes out here in Australia.  The love/hate relationship I have with Animal Crossing continues!

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Oh man, holographics… It’s game over for my bank account.

At least the price is relatively low for packs of cards though. I bet finding the ones you want for cheap on ebay or for trade on AC-focused forums won’t be too difficult either.


I’d avoid eBay unless you get sealed packs – people will probably make fakes! But yeah, there will definitely be plenty of trading happening. I’m planning on doing some at the PAX convention here in Australia at the end of October :)


Ah, good point. I suppose people could duplicate the NFC chips to make working fakes, but I wonder if that would even be worth the cost. I feel like these cards won’t get too high in value. If I had to make a prediction, I’d say there will be that initial rush there always is with video game merch where people are clueless and frivolous, so the prices on ebay for holographic ones and some fan favorite characters may get up there for a bit, but then once more people buy more packs and the market is saturated, the prices… Read more »