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Taylor Swift is once again in the tech spotlight as it’s been revealed that she’s once again refusing to have her material on yet another music streaming service. This time, surprisingly, Apple Music is the target and it’ll sadly be missing out on her latest hit record, 1989.

Swift recently faced a bit of controversy when she decided to remove all of her music from Spotify and refused to allow her latest album onto the popular streaming service. Her reason for doing so was due to royalty payments, quite simply, Spotify wasn’t paying enough to her, and other musicians.

Now with the announcement of Apple Music all eyes are on Swift to see whether she’ll give Apple the same cold shoulder, and guess what? She is. But it’s not quite as harsh as Spotify’s raw deal.

Apple Music will have Taylor Swift’s entire back catalogue for listeners to stream, but for those hoping to listen to “Shake It Off” or “Bad Blood”, you’re out of luck as Swift is even refusing Apple Music the pleasure of her latest album. This however does give Apple Music the one-up over Spotify, who’s currently completely Swift free.

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