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Apple Music was announced yesterday and while it’s hardly unique, I believe it’ll receive an incredible amount of success when it eventually launches.

The thing about Apple products is that they have some sort of heavenly aura about them. No matter what the product is; even if it’s a slight improvement over a last generation device, or overall offers little in the way of innovation, the crown will come flocking. Look at the Apple Watch for example. The device is hardly anything to write home about, in fact for what it is it’s largely overpriced in comparison to what other smartwatch manufacturers have to offer, even for the basic model. But for some reason people went bat-shit crazy over the device.

It’s almost the same scenario for Apple Music. In short, it’s a music streaming service that’ll likely offer little in the way of better music in comparison to its largest competitor Spotify. Sure, it leverages the power of iTunes and if you want to, you can choose to purchase those albums or tracks that you’ve been streaming constantly. But at it’s core, and even in terms of pricing, it’s no different to Spotify.

The only unique feature with Apple Music is the 24/7 live radio station, Beats One, but even then no matter how much Apple claim it’ll play music for music lovers and not just hits, it may not always be to everyone’s taste. Apple also claims Apple Music will have deeper learning too and offer more personalised recommendations based on the things you listen to and when and where you’ll be listening, but a recent update to Spotify has also hoped to offer more deeper, personalised listening.

Even Apple’s Connect hub, which hopes to offer exclusive content directly from artists such as studio diaries, updates, and more, has already decent competition from Tidal, the recent music streaming service owned by Jay-Z. Hell, even Spotify has the chance for verified artists to share updates and personalised playlists for their fans. So again, it’s hardly new.

apple music

In reality, Apple Music is just Apple playing catch up on the current listening trends which, if this was any other company it’d quickly go down the pan quicker than you can say Tim Cook. Look at Tidal for example. People were already happy with Spotify, sure Tidal is more focused on better pay for artists (who are already sitting on millions), but users don’t seem to care. With Apple Music on the other hand, I can see quite the opposite happening.

So, will Apple Music succeed despite several other music streaming services dominating the market? Yes, it will. Purely because of the tiny little half-eaten apple slapped in front of the word “music”. Apple could release the iPoo and fans will come running, cash in hand. It’s a phenomenon that I personally don’t quite understand.

With Apple Music’s likely popularity it will however mean more trouble for the music industry as artists and labels are looking at smaller pay packets when music is streamed rather than purchased, though this will likely mean the industry will need to also shift with current trends rather than digging their heels hoping some miracle service will come along and offer incredible revenues in return for that one random fellow in Portsmouth listening to one of their songs (sorry Tidal).

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