Our hearing is just as unique as our finger prints which for some makes hearing music how it should be heard more difficult, Aumeo hopes to solve that problem.

Let’s face it, sometimes music that should sound great, just doesn’t. This causes us to fiddle with EQ settings to make sure we hear the sound exactly how we think we should be hearing it. But sound engineers work tirelessly on sorting out the EQ and mix of songs before they’re released so they sound how they should sound, so fiddling with the EQ on your sound system just ruins that hard work. That’s something Aumeo hopes to fix.

In short Aumeo is a new device which sits between the music player and your headphones and analyses your hearing using a range of different frequencies. This then maps your very own unique hearing pattern and fills in the spots which your pattern is missing. This then allows you to hear music how it’s intended to be heard rather than fiddling about with EQ settings yourself. It also allows users to listen to music at a lower volume as all frequencies can be heard as intended.

The process is fairly simple too as Aumeo syncs up with its own app, the Aumeo Player, which will go through certain frequencies and allow you to create your personal profile to hear with any other music player. Once you’ve created your profile it’s stored on the Aumeo meaning you don’t have to use the Aumeo Player to listen to music and instead play music through your phones music app, Google Play, Spotify, or something else.

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The device itself can even be used with any audio player either connecting via Bluetooth to your tablet or smartphone, or using a 3.5mm jack to connect it to your sound system or decks. You can even use Aumeo to call friends, watch Netflix, and more. Simply, anything which requires hearing audio, Aumeo is compatible.

The most disappointing thing is that Aumeo isn’t available right now as they’re currently seeking $40,000 on IndieGoGo to get the product into your hands. To grab your own device you can do so for $99. So, what are you waiting for? Hear your favourite music as intended with Aumeo by heading to the IndieGoGo page!


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