It was kind of sly calling this one the last, wasn’t it dudes who produce Naruto?

For we know now this isn’t the last of Naruto, though many of us would have guessed that it would have never been the end. Since Naruto is a big hit. Since the anime hasn’t finished and has become a clip show with lots and lots of filler.

So let’s begin. Naruto is an orphan living in the Hidden Leaf Village, one of few different villages who train ninjas to act as a defence and support force to the world in which it exists. Naruto dreams of being the best of the best, the Hokage, the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village. After proving many of his critics wrong, he helps win the fourth great ninja war and at the same time brings back his rival and best pal Sasuke to the good side… kind of. Though in the process both of them lose a hand each.

So two years after the manga concludes we pick up with Naruto, who has become a celebrity of sorts for his role in the last war. The one gag character Hinata comes into play; a shy girl with a crush on Naruto, who also comes from a family which posses the Byakugan, a special form of sight. Naruto is oblivious to her feelings, though when her little sister is kidnapped by the evil Toneri, who plans to use the moon (which is his headquarters of evil) to destroy the world and steal Hinata’s little sister’s eyes so he can combine the Byakugan with his power, Naurto and co spring into action.

As they trace Hinata’s little sister, Naruto discovers how Hinata feels, but before the two can lovey-dovey, Hinata announces her intention to marry Toneri. Naruto is heartbroken and temporarily beaten until token sensible people like Sakura (childhood best friend) point out Hinata has only done this to save her sister’s life. Naruto storms the Moon castle and fights a bunch of moon ninjas to free Hinata. Naruto and his allies beat the meaning of peace into Toneri and he decides to stop trying to destroy the world. Thus, Naruto and Hinata finally get together and set up the future of the franchise as they produce children in a post credits scene.

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