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Food, we love it. Food without any effort, we love that even more. So why not head to Kickstarter and pledge some money to Cheese Posties, a new campaign which hopes to bring the deliciousness of cheese toasties to your door.

Now, before you wonder how a cheese toasty is going to be safely packaged and shipped through your door and still remain warm, gooey, and delicious, there’s a catch. You still have to make it yourself. But that’s okay, as it’s all there and is simply wrapped up in one handy package for your consumption.

Think of those subscription-based snack boxes, like Graze, which offers tasty natural nibbles, but instead of flapjacks and seeds, Cheese Posties offers bread, cheese, and other fillings to make a delicious cheese toasty.

The idea is that you simply tell them when you like, whether it’s sweet or savoury, then they’ll ship a new toasty to your door or office, every week. Then all you have to do is slap it all together, pop it into the toaster bag, whack it in the toaster, and boom, you’re done.

“Each week you’ll discover a different mouth-watering melting combo made up of artisan breads, fine cheeses and condiments all immortalised on a collectable top trumps card,” reads the Kickstarter campaign.

cheese posties trumps

All they’re seeking is £2,000 to make Cheese Posties happen, so head to the Kickstarter and pledge as little as £5 to get a Cheese Postie for you and a friend. A little more will bag you some merch, and if you’re Mr. Moneybags, you can pledge £5,000 to get:

“You will be lowered into a vat of melted cheese, rolled in breadcrumbs and dipped in marinara sauce before being taken to a west-end musical of your choice and spending the night at the prestigious Dorchester Hotel.

“NB – This pledge includes an optional firm handshake for up to two people.”

It’s also worth noting that if successfully funded, Cheese Posties will cost just £3.99 per week to get a delicious toasty shoved through the door. Let’s just hope you don’t have any hungry pets waiting for you to get home…

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