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Just in time for E3, Evolution Studios has revealed the PlayStation Plus version of DriveClub is in “final stages” of development.

After a frankly terrible launch fans have been faced with disappointment after disappointment with DriveClub and after an almost 12 month wait for the PlayStation Plus edition of the game, Evolution Studios has revealed that the game is almost ready.

At launch, DriveClub faced so many problems that Evolution and Sony had to strip back the game a little to help the servers cope with the strain of players trying to play, they also postponed the PlayStation Plus edition of the game until things were more stable. After seven months of updates, bug fixes, and more on the core game, and a significant server update or two, it seems DriveClub’s stripped-down PS Plus edition of the game may be coming soon.

Of course, this is a pretty loose definition of when the game will actually launch. “Final stages” could mean that it’s weeks or even months away from being complete so before you get your hopes up, be prepared for more of a wait.

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