Tonight’s Assassin’s Creed portion of the presentation was short and sweet.  In the immortal words of Jacob, “Don’t mess with Evie.”

evie3For those who have been under a rock since the AC official announcement a few weeks ago, Evie and Jacob are twins.  Both were raised in the assassins order just outside of London, and both want to take back London from the Templar Order.  There are differences, however.  Tonight highlighted the benefits of choosing to do things Evie’s way.

Where as Jacob chooses to confront the issues head on and in their face, which he admits freely, Evie is more the planner.  She is the stealthy, silent but deadly type.  And she is remarkably brutal.  The game play footage shown was absolutely beautiful, and made me want to play Evie even more than I already did, which I have to say, I didn’t think was possible.  Here are a few screen caps from her time in the light, but for the full effect, head over to YouTube’s E3 coverage and take a look at the AC  portion of the Sony presentation.  You won’t be disappointed.

evie2  evie4

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