Guerrilla games emerged onto the stage to announce a completely new series, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The beginning of the trailer had cave drawings that made me think Native American, but as the trailer continued on, it became clear that it wasn’t. I looks to be more of an “after modern society has fallen” game. However, this modern society was built by The Old Ones. We aren’t told anything more about the Old Ones, other than that they built massive, glittering cities, let them fall and get overtaken by nature, and humanity reemerged to what it is now: a bit more primitive, tribe cultured, hunters and gatherers.

New life has emerged in this wasteland, but not what you’d think. They resemble, robotic dinosaurs, if I had to give you something to equate them to. The main character, a young, red-headed girl whose name isn’t given, states that she is part of the first tribe to migrate to that area and begin hunting them. That is where the game play footage starts.

Guerrilla did not lie, it’s a whole new thing happening, with some elements of other games, such as hiding in tall weeds like in Assassins Creed, but it looks promising. This is one to keep an eye out for, and see what they actually do with it beyond these early stages.


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