It’s been eighteen months since we reported about the sequel to the beautiful Vita title, Gravity Rush.  Back then it was expected that development and production would continue in earnest throughout 2014, but here we are halfway through the following year with no new game.

When asked about Gravity Rush 2 at Gamespot’s E3 conference last week, Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony Worldwide Studios said, “That’s another project that we’re waiting for the right time to unveil.” So it seems the game is still definitely happening, and we might be fortunate to see something later in the year.

However, with recent information suggesting a remastered release of the original Gravity Rush for PS4, it’s entirely possible (and probably very likely) that the sequel will not be a Vita title.  This suspicion is further strengthened by reports that Sony will no longer be producing AAA titles for the system – such a shame because the Vita is terribly underrated and, in my opinion, just didn’t get the treatment it deserved.

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