Blizzard have a new live action commercial for their hugely successful game Hearthstone which is set to be aired during the NBA and NHL finals later this week.

The commercial offers a good sense of humour for those who have played Hearthstone though for newcomers, I’m not sure it would click. Regardless, the advert puts a nice spin on the mobile version of the game. This follows the news last month from Blizzard that Hearthstone’s player count had passed the thirty million mark. Even with such success it makes sense for Blizzard to want to keep that steady grow going by pulling in new players.

It does seem to be all the rage at the moment for free-to-play mobile games to have a TV advert of some kind. Clash of Clans, Game of War and even Boom Beach have created commercials for television in an attempt to increase awareness and players. In comparison to some of those however the Hearthstone advert feels right at home with others making a big song and dance over arguably, nothing to special.

Time will tell if this new commercial will help to impact the player base for Hearthstone but until then it would be best to enjoy the video and keep playing.

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