I have no problems with the Tweeter. It’s with the Tweet. The whole situation around the tweet. The attitude towards Tweets by those in the fame game.

Check it out:

  1. What does the tweet mean? It’s just a bit of punctuation. What makes it so interesting? Is it a mistake? Some obscure reference? An attempt to catch the eye of a journalist. Anyone? Why have people responded like this?
  2. Why have peopled favourited and re-tweeted it? Why do people want this on their newsfeed? There is no context to make it funny or worthy to retweet.

A favourite I kind of understand, but surely the favourite function was to like a tweet that’s interesting and memorable. A piece of punctuation  with no follow-up explanation, doesn’t cut it.

  1. What is the obsession with the mundane? I recently started an Instagram and I realised. We are obsessed with the mundane.

I put up an image showing that I passed my Taekwondo grading. Little attention. A pair of running shoes, more likes than I usually get.

We love selfies of just bland occurrences. New shirts, or a dress (for more check out this dude).

  1. You do know these are PR and advert platforms? You may think these famous people have great tastes and interesting lives, but here’s the kicker. Check out this below.

Notice how she tags the dress maker? Why does she do that? So she can help promote the company. Most of the time when you see a famous folk tag a product or company, it’s all about promotion.

Selling you more stuff but looking down to earth and normal. Like your best mate been given a Mars bar by Mars and being paid to sell it to you.

  1. Has social media lost its way? Wasn’t the whole point of blogging to be interesting? New York cab drivers posting cool photos from their travels. People behind the scenes in media recollecting odd occurrences.

OK, the story of Facebook is a bit dark. A bare platform for interpretation.

So, I’ll write this, and it’ll get a few views. Some star would post a photo of themselves in a dress they’re were given to promote or some boring tweet about like Game of Thrones and it’ll get thousands of people loving it.

But because I’m not famous, it’s not interesting as a bit of punctuation.

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