DLC has become commonplace with gaming nowadays with almost every game in recent times having some form of season pass or future content releases which likely cost a bob or two. Io-Interactive, the developers behind the popular Hitman series think DLC is “wrong” and that all content available for Hitman will be available when the game launches.

Speaking with Videogamer, Io-Interactive studio head Hannes Seifert had some choice words about companies that offer Season Passes for their games. He also added that all future content for Hitman will be free.

“There are other products that sell a game for $60 and then try to sell you a Season Pass for another $40 on top, so you spend $100 or $120 for all the stuff that happens later on. We said no, we don’t want to do that,” said Seifert.

“We think it’s wrong to approach players like that because players want to be part of that experience but they don’t necessarily want to be ripped off. What we’re going to sell is all of that but it’s for a one-price package.”

“What we put out there [at launch] is going to be a big game. But over the course of 2016 we’ll add more locations, more missions, and we’ll have things like targets that only appear for, say, two days. That’s something you can only do in the live world,” he continued.

Hitman launches on December 8 and has been described as an episodic game with more missions, locations, and more being opened up as time goes on. Whether or not player are willing to shell out the full amount for a game which isn’t fully available yet, is another question.

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