Hype abounds this week, with another leak in the guise of some screenshots of a cel-shaded Transformers game, which many suspect is the mystery Platinum Games title slated for reveal at E3.

A few days back the Twitterverse was all in a tizz over a teasing tidbit of info that Platinum Games would be announcing a new title at E3. Speculation was rife over whether it would be Bayonetta 3 or some other IP.  Now screenshots of a very cool-looking cel-shade style Transformers game have been leaked, and given the style is similar to other games by Platinum Games, gamers were pretty sure this would be the mystery title to be announced.

Further research indicated that Transformers: Devastation has indeed been developed by Platinum Games, and will be a brawler game, but given box art has been released on Amazon Canada (with the game to be released in October), I’m actually loathe to put my hand up for believing this is indeed that mystery title.  I reckon Platinum Games will have something else in development to announce, rather than something that’s an already-completed, ready for sale product.  I’m still hoping for Bayonetta 3, but something entirely new would be good too.

Regardless of whether it is the mystery title or not, Transformers: Devastation looks amazing from the concept and box art, and should be a lot of fun to play.

Transformers: Devastation

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