So what can we do? How can we help? It’s just a fact that we can’t stop studios from trying to adapt almost anything successful in a different media format into a movie, such as comic books, young adult novels and even toys.

So my theory is studio executives spend a lot of their time in comic book shops, going through back issues trying to find anything that looks popular that rights haven’t been taken to. At toy shops, they’re trying to find a classic toy that could turn into a movie, and they’re also on the internet looking at anime forums.

So when an exec begins another desperate search for an another franchise to adapt, let’s hope they find this. Below Mr/Miss Exec, you should find a treatment (fancy word for trying to justify for writing fan fiction) for a live action Naruto movie. Read, if you dare.

So Naruto is a 16-year-old girl in the village of Konoha, The Hidden Leaf Village. An outcast because of the demon that lives within her, she’s lumped in a team with Sasuke, a girl of the same age who is determined to find her sister, who slaughtered her clan.

Under the leadership of Kakashi, the two are constantly immersed in intense adventures who focus very slightly on the outcomes and ripple effects of their actions. Both have feelings for each other, they don’t entirely understand which forces Sasuke to be distant and angry, and Naruto to be determined to keep her on the straight and narrow.

Through the eyes of the begrizzled robotics engineer, Sakura, a medical ninja drop out thanks to her use of mechanics in medicine and her bizarre super strength, (which many feel is an experiment she illegally did to herself), you’ll follow on her quest to clean up the mess of her two teammates and achieve the goal of their missions properly, with the aid of the tardy Kakashi.

Watch her side quest to build a suit of armour to help contain Naruto’s raw power, whilst trying to stop Sasuke from turning to the dark side with Orochimaru.

Can Sakura keep the laughs and the team on track?

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