The camera, now that’s where the LG G4 truly shines. I’m married to someone who loves photography and for a while now, my aging Moto X is always out shined by the device my wife currently uses. As soon as I whipped out the LG G4’s camera though, it was met with awe. Not only is the quality of the camera pretty impeccable, the amount of control the user has over the camera is pretty thorough too.

From opening up the camera you’re already met with a pretty impressive picture all thanks to the camera’s f/1.8 aperture and a better image sensor. The low aperture number allows for 80 per cent more light than the F/2.4 aperture on most other smartphones. This makes pictures in low level situations much better and once you’re in better lighting, the overall colour of the image is fantastic. It’s optical image stabilisation is much improved too allowing for users to take quicker shots without having to concentrate on framing the picture. This means you can capture that must-have picture before your subject moves while you’re waiting for the camera to steady.

In addition to the display offering much more colours, the camera does too with its Colour Spectrum Sensor technology. This tech understands the ambient light and the object’s exact colours allowing for a more true to life picture.

With all that there’s the addition of a full manual mode. This allows you to tweak your picture in the same way a photographer would on a DSLR. You can change the shutter speed, the aperture, the white balance, and ISO to create the perfect snap, all with a smartphone camera. You can also choose to save your images in RAW format allowing for professional post-editing on the photograph as well as offering a better image for large-scale printing.

The front facing camera also has improvements with a massive 8 megapixel snapper. Not only do your selfies already look great, you can also tweak the settings there too with low level lighting counteracted by an on-screen “flash” and for those of you who want to always look picture perfect, the front facing camera also has a beautify option which magically smooths out your face offering that picture-perfect complexion. Of course, the Gesture Shot also returns allowing you to take a picture completely hands free by clenching a fist.

LG G4 4


LG has taken what already made the LG G3 great and has improved it on the LG G4. At a glance the two phones could be considered twins, but once you get into the thick of it, you realise that LG has improved what’s on the inside of the device rather than the outside. There’s more to the LG G4 than meets the eye, which for some might be a bit of a leap of faith, but if you’ve already experienced LG’s previous device, you won’t need any convincing that the LG G4 is a pretty fantastic device.

The device reviewed was a pre-production unit provided by LG. Though it represents the final release device, a few region-specific optimisations were yet to be applied.

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