Nintendo recently announced their Smash Bros focused E3 2015 video, but what will they actually be showing us? Hell if I know, but I can make an educated guess.

New Content Approaching. That’s what the announcement posted on the Nintendo UK Twitter account claims but what should we actually expect? I’m going to warn in advance, some of this is pure guesswork with a bit of wishful thinking from myself, some of it has a bit of evidence to back it up. You should be able to tell when I drift into wishing.

I’ll get the obvious one out of the way first. We all know Lucas is coming to Smash Bros on 3DS and Wii U and I’d say it’s likely they’ll show off some gameplay and his moveset. There’s also the new Miiverse stage that will inevitably get some airtime. I think it’s also pretty likely that they’ll announce some new Mii Fighter costumes, maybe some that match the two dlc characters Mewtwo and Lucas.


Ok here’s the unconfirmed guesswork and estimation. I’d expect at least one or two new characters. The Smash Bros ballot from earlier this year hasn’t ended yet (so there’s plenty of time to get your vote in!) but Nintendo have enough creativity to know a couple characters that would fit in Smash Bros while being actually wanted. I believe fan favourites currently include the Inkling girl from Splatoon, which could be implemented in a really interesting way. Personally, I’d love to see some more characters repping the Sonic universe, Silver or Knuckles would have a uniquely interesting playstyle. Failing that, perhaps a Fire Emblem character (the return of Roy?) or a Final Fantasy representative – I’m not talking about the generic Cloud or Sephiroth, that is some weak-ass wishing and they just wouldn’t fit. I’m talking the original Final Fantasy games, the four Light Warriors back on the NES.

Actually, now that I think about it the return of Roy from Fire Emblem is pretty likely. Nintendo have been bringing back old characters as dlc already with Mewtwo and Lucas. Maybe we could expect Ice Climbers to make a return too?

I’d also expect new stages and mii fighter costumes to be announced. Stages could include the few on both versions of Smash Bros that were exclusive, like the Woolly World stage coming over to 3DS, and old stages from previous games. As for all-new stages, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Splatoon inspired stage where ink could get shot onto the stage occasionally, limiting mobility in certain areas.


Gamemodes. Everyone would love new gamemodes, and I have an inkling that we’ll see Tournament mode make a return, or at least a new gamemode. A lot of people want it, and I must admit it’d be a welcome addition to the amount of content in Smash Bros that, let’s face it, begins to feel a little shallow once you’ve unlocked everything and done most of the challenges. This next one is a bit of a stretch however; I’d love to see some content similar to the Subspace Emissary from Smash Bros Brawl. A fun and simple story that ties all the universes together is just a blast to play, and with the roster in Smash Bros there’s a huge number of games to pull inspiration from. That said I feel like I’m somewhat alone in liking Subspace Emissary. What’s wrong with a little light-hearted storyline, people?

Nintendo often create content based on seeing what people talk about. The only reason we have so many New Super Mario Bros titles is because, despite them all being similar games, the usual response is “oh hell yeah, these games are fun, 9/10 review”, so I think ‘the fans clearly want it’ is often decent enough evidence to support something. Why else would they bring Chibi Robo back, and with an Amiibo to go with it?

Like I said up top, most of this is guesswork and I could easily be wrong. It’s fine to disagree with me – in fact, I encourage it! Write me a comment or tweet me about why I should feel bad because my opinions are wrong!

The Smash Bros video will be streamed with Sakurai himself on June 14 at 15:40 BST!

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