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If Top Gear Became a Little Bit Geekier

So more Top Gear news has surfaced, some taking it better than others… So How about we geek it all up then? Taking something like Top Gear and just making it plain geeky.

Top Gear, for those that don’t know, is a British motoring programme about cars. It’s become quite big over the last couple of years and has many international spin-offs. Like the one which is aired on BBC America, I believe.

But what if, just what if, we made a tad bit geeky. Our nerdy stable taking over the establishment. Instead of a feature about building an ambulance from scratch. How about inviting a team of Starfleet engineers to build a mecha similar to a Transformer which can also serve as a time machine?

Instead of a straight up classic car feature. How about Green Arrow showing off the vintage looking Arrow Car and a bit on other classic superhero vehicles, older version of the Batmobile perhaps? Could the Town of Eureka’s GD fit an FTL drive into FAB1?

Who would present such a show? Well, I’ve had a few thoughts on that…

1Acree from Transformers


Y’know the girl Transformer who over the years has transformed into a motorcycle and a hovercar? Yeah, Her. Two things we need on geeky Top Gear: More bikes, because geeky bikes can be cool, and hovercars. Think about it, she can turn into vehicle mode and do interviews at the same time as driving.

2Speed Racer



First name Speed, last name Racer. The guy from one of the first anime dubbed into English (not very well and a point of parody). Let’s face it. Speed must be getting on by now. Maybe his racing career is coming to an end. Now begins his super speedy career in motor journalism? An experienced driver with a good sense of ethics. What every journalist needs.



The first villain which appeared in the ‘Brand New Day’ era of Spider-Man. A gear head super villain who can remodel any vehicle with his nanites. Being battered by the Superior Spider-man may have convinced him to trade the bad guy life for a safe driving life?

4Kid Flash


The Bart Allen one of course. Did you know the hyper child from the future who was raised in a VR environment likes cars? He even borrowed the Batmobile and Batwing? We need a Stig. A tame racing driver to test out all those cars. Or just have him race cars on foot.

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