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Lookout reddit, Tumblr is stepping onto your turf with their own Q&A platform.

reddit’s AMA’s have seen the likes of the Mythbusters and the President of the United States, among many others, take part in all holds barred Q&A sessions where almost anything goes. But it looks like reddit might have some stiff competition with Tumblr’s Answer Time.

Tumblr is now launching its own Q&A platform called Answer Time, and hopes it can poach some of the popularity which circles around reddit’s AMAs allowing for event-level conversations between celebrities and important folk. The first of which being Pop Punker’s Fall Out Boy.

“Our vision for Answer Time is to give awesomely creative people a place where they can connect with their curious fans,” says Tumblr’s Danielle Strle in a statement, “and answer questions in a way that is as direct and honest as if you are talking with a friend.”

It’s all set to kick off on June 8 and will offer daily Q&As. Monday’s Answer Time will feature Fall Out Boy, which will be followed by Answer Times hosted by Vic Mensa, Tumblr CEO David Karp, and Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood.

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