Stone Cold Steve Austin is the WWE 2K16 Cover Star

Now that’s a blast from the past, at least for me anyway. Today 2K Games has announced that Stone Cold Steve Austin has been crowned the cover star for this year’s WWE title, WWE 2K16.

Probably best known from the “Attitude Era” as well as his habit for wasting beer, Stone Cold Steve Austin has been dragged out of the Hall of Fame and slapped on this year’s cover.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with 2K to support the WWE 2K franchise, and now I’m absolutely honored to serve as the WWE 2K16 cover Superstar,” said Stone Cold Steve Austin. “No disrespect to the previous and extremely deserving WWE 2K cover Superstars – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and John Cena – but it’s about time the franchise raised some hell with yours truly on the cover. I look forward to injecting a dose of ‘Texas Rattlesnake’ into this year’s game and overall campaign.”

Stone Cold has earned himself an impressive 21 championships through his career and was introduced into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009.

WWE 2K16 is currently in development for Xbox One and Xbox 360, as well as the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The game is scheduled for release on October 27, 2015 in North America and October 30, 2015 internationally.

Until then, be entertained by some of the best Stone Cold Steve Austin gifs of all time.

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