The 13th Doll Officially Comes to Kickstarter

In a never-before seen deal, Attic Door Productions’ The 13th Doll – a fan-game that pays tribute to Trilobyte Inc.’s classic 90s horror puzzle game The 7th Guest – has been given permission by the original game’s developers to be made into a full-fledged official release. Responding to this, Attic Door Productions have taken to Kickstarter with the newly resurrected Trilobyte’s blessing in tow.

The 13th Doll has been in development for just over ten years (I actually remember discovering it whilst browsing years ago!) and whilst the project has changed a lot in that time the team’s original aim has never shifted – striving to bring forth “what many fans of The 7th Guest franchise always desired, a journey back to the Stauf Mansion.”

The 13th Doll Officially Comes to Kickstarter - n3rdabl3Judging by the screenshots on Attic Door Productions’ website, The 13th Doll looks to provide just that – dark, creepy environments combined with some brain-teasing looking puzzles. It’s great to see another puzzle centered around a cake, I know that much!

The 7th Guest originally released back in 1992, growing a big following over the years for its story, creative puzzles and high quality pre-rendered FMV graphics. It spawned an official sequel entitled The 11th Hour in 1995, which was marred by a number of technical issues but further improved on the series’ visuals.

Good on Trilobyte for giving this group of their fans a chance unlike anything we’ve seen before.

The 13th Doll’s Kickstarter page can be found here. Good luck to Attic Door Productions!

For those who’d like to venture into the original Stauf Mansion, The 7th Guest can be purchased on Steam here.