22 Cans Still has no Plans for the Godus God of Gods

Godus had so much potential when we previewed the game last year, but for some bizarre reason 22Cans decided to completely overhaul the game to match that found on the fairly linear mobile title which was just mediocre at best. Then, all that stuff with Peter Molyneux happened, and now 22Cans has a new CEO Simon Phillips, who still has no plans with the God of Gods, Bryan Henderson.

Remember Bryan Henderson? He was the fellow that chipped the final piece to 22Cans’ first mobile game, Curiosity. His reward for doing so was to become the God of all Gods in their next game, Godus, along with a share of the game’s revenue. As you may have recalled, nothing of the sort happened, and Henderson is left feeling like one of those forgotten about Gods nobody worships any more, like Aten, El, and Indra.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Simon Phillips was asked the question as to whether he has any plans for Henderson and the promise the studio gave to him. His answer was more than frank:

No, there isn’t, being completely frank. I’d be a bit of a c**t to say look, we’re going to do this on this day and you’re going to get this much money, because we don’t know when that’s going to happen and we don’t know how much money it’s going to be.

I mean, at least he’s honest.

It seems the main problem with introducing the God of Gods into Godus is that the game needs a multiplayer mode, which can’t be introduced until the game figures out its combat, which is one of the many things on the current slate of things to add to the game.

So simply put, 22Cans grand plan to have one God rule over all the other Gods may not come into fruition for a very long time, and by then, Henderson will probably be somewhere else in his life.

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