GameJolt’s Indies vs. Gamers Game Jam: A Few Select Picks

Popular independent game hosting site GameJolt presented its legions of creators with a new game jam (a challenge to make a game in around 2-3 days, with the general public and sometimes a panel of judges voting for a winner) on the 17th titled Indies vs. Gamers, hosted by YouTubers Markiplier, PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye.

There’s been some very nice entries already, so I ventured over to the page showing off the 436 (!) games currently submitted for the competition, picked out some titles and gave them a go. Get your new tabs ready – here’s just a few of my favourite entries from the contest so far.

Tetris Runner by Wolderado

Tetris Runner 1A first-person endless runner that spins the yarn of someone sprinting through a procedurally arranged (i.e. premade level sections arranged at random) Tetris-themed obstacle course to escape the hungry jaws of a ravenous Pac-Man. The longer you survive, the faster you run. Go!

Tetris Runner 2Really enjoyed this one. It’s challenging, there’s a great sense of speed and running up and leaping off the ramp blocks was great fun, especially once you’re running a lot faster. Right up until I ended up smashing myself into a wall.

AbloonMan by Kersseli

Abloonman 1This game has you guiding a man with a huge balloon for a head around a number of mazes, with all the relevant physics in place to make that much easier said than done. It’s quite difficult to get him moving initially, but it’s such a laugh guiding his dumb blue face around any number of obstacles to get to the goal that it’s worth it. Really interesting concept here.

Chickendemic by Satik64

Chickendemic 1A game in which the chickens of the world rebel against their evil farmer overlords and you, a brave helicopter pilot who’d always suspected chickens were creatures from Hell, fly in to rescue as many people as possible and show those chickens who’s boss.

Chickendemic 2There’s a bunch of enemy types to take out, weapon upgrades to grab and combos to score as you swoop in to save everyone you can before a brown chicken leaps across to knock them from your helicopter’s ladder. Good take on a side-scrolling shooter.

RocketSloth by Jacob Peltola

RocketSlothYou’re a sloth with a jetpack, what more needs to be said?

Marvelously silly little game, was actually quite fun drawing lines in the sky with the smoke from your jetpack.

Jetpack Mailman by BigGGames

Jetpack MailmanSpeaking of jetpacks, here’s another small but fun title. Here you’re flying around as the titular Jetpack Mailman earning points delivering all manner of items to a bunch of YouTubers and “Mr. Foo”s alike whilst making sure to keep both the timer and your fuel from reaching zero along the way. Some very nice feeling physics on the jetpack here and it’s a great way to kill a few minutes.

So there’s just a few of my favourite titles from the Game Jam so far. There’s so many more available though and four days left to vote for them, so why not check out the Indies vs. Gamers Game Jam’s master list and try them out for yourself!