Super Mario Maker Wii U Bundle Unveiled for PAL Territories

Super Mario Maker launches this September and if you’re yet to get a Wii U, there’s a brand new bundle that should hopefully entice that cash out of your wallet, a Super Mario Maker Wii U bundle!

This is actually a pretty fantastic package for anyone who wants to dive into the pool of Wii U as it not only comes with a Wii U deluxe console, it’ll also come with a copy of Super Mario Maker, and will give you a kick start into the endless pit of Amiibo collecting as you’ll also receive the Classic Colours Super Mario Maker Amiibo.

For those of you who already have a console however, you won’t be missing out on this bundle goodness as Super Mario Maker and the Classic Colours Super Mario Maker Amiibo will be coming in their own bundle.

Right now it seems just Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of Australia have confirmed the two bundles, as Nintendo of America is yet to confirm this news.

Finally, that’s not all as Nintendo has also announced a Modern Colours Super Mario Maker Amiibo variant, which gives the classic 8-bit Mario the modern colours found on today’s plump plumber. He’ll be available on October 23 in Europe and October 24 in Australia.

Super Mario Maker launches on September 11 worldwide.

mario_maker_amiibo_wii_u_bundle_4 mario_maker_amiibo_wii_u_bundle_5

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  • I love amiibos, so I can’t wait for the 8 bit one to come out. Besides that all the super mario maker bundles look good. The combination between goood box art, and quality game, really make me want it.