It recently came to light that the “free” Power Bar that one of the UK’s biggest networks, EE, is giving away, isn’t actually yours to keep after all and that you’re ultimately required to hand it back after 18 months. While I personally couldn’t give less of a crap about the free-to-hire nature of the offer, many are.

So with Summer well under way here in the UK, many of you will likely be out travelling, spending all day sunbathing, and likely enjoying the long days way past when your phone is due a charge. So you’re probably looking for a decent portable charger for you to take with you.

As the EE Power Bar is out of the question, here are five alternatives to the EE Power Bar which offer similar features or even more for your money.

11. Lumsing Harmonica Style 10400mAh Portable Power Bank

While the EE Power Bar offers just 2600mAh, the Lumsing Harmonica Style power bank offers, you guessed it, 10400mAh. What’s more this slimline power bank offers the ability to charge two devices at once! It has a charge indicator too so you know just how much power you have left.

In comparison, right now the Lumsing Harmonica is a little cheaper than what EE would charge customers for a damaged Power Bar (£20 if you didn’t know), so that’s a plus too.

Price: £17.99 (Amazon)

22. Belkin MIXIT Power Pack 4000

Belkin are a name that you can trust. No matter what you’ve probably owned a product by them and it’s lasted you some time. The MIXIT Power Pack again offers more power than the EE Power Bar at 4000mAh, it charges two devices, comes in a range of different colours, and has a charging indicator.

This is a little more expensive than what EE are pricing the power bar at, but once again it comes with much more battery power to boot.

Price: £24.99 (Belkin)

33. Jackery Bar


Jackery are well known for powering people on the go, and their Jackery Bar is well worth the money. It only charges one device at a time which is a shame, but the 6000mAh battery is fast-charging too which means you won’t be lugging around a phone stuck to a battery all evening.

In comparison to the EE Power Bar, the Jackery Bar comes out on top as it’s almost identical with a torch and everything. The only real difference is that it’s a little larger than EE’s offering.

Price: £19.99 (Amazon)

44. Anker 2nd Gen Astro

The Anker Astro is very similar to the Jackery Bar aside from the lack of torch. It also comes with a larger capacity battery too at 6400mAh, which is a damn sight more than the EE Power Bar.

Its price point is pretty top too offering over double the capacity of the EE Power Bar for just under the price EE would charge for a damaged charger. What’s more it comes with

Price: £18.99 (Amazon)

55. Jackery Giant+

To round the post off I thought I’d throw a massive one at you. Take into consideration the earlier Lumsing Harmonica and then take a look at the Jackery Giant, this whopping brick comes with 12000mAh with dual USB ports, enough to charge two devices at once, including tablets.

Sure, it comes at a much higher price point than the EE Power Bar, but this one will last you a good couple of days before you need to recharge it again. Plus it still comes with the torch like the Jackery Bar.

Price: £29.99 (Amazon)

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