A New FlatOut Game is in the Works…

Publisher Strategy First has announced that a new FlatOut game is currently in development by Kylotonn Entertainment due out on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2016.

According to Strategy First, this demolition derby-style racer will be a multi-million dollar project. No other information has currently been made available.

Oddly, both publisher and developer have released little-known games on Steam, and even the game’s original developer Bugbear Entertainment is busy working on their own demolition derby game, Wreckfest. So we’re a little dubious.

Strategy First’s director, Emanuel Wall has said:

FlatOut is our most important franchise. There is a strong vocal community that have numerous constructive ideas and suggestions on what they would like to experience in an all new FlatOut. We would like to invite anyone who is a fan of FlatOut to be part of the process. We are excited about our partnership with Kylotonn Entertainment.

Bugbear’s FlatOut games were received really well, the third however, developed by Team6 Game Studios, didn’t go too well, so we have high-hopes for Strategy First’s offering.

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