Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Dated for October

Instead of launching an insane amount of Animal Crossing Amiibo, Nintendo is launching a series of NFC-enabled trading cards, or Amiibo Cards all of which come with various Animal Crossing characters which you can collect and use in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

Up until now we’ve only known about the cards, but not about when they’ll be launching, but come October 2, the same date Happy Home Designer launches, players can start collecting the first wave of 100 cards which will be sold in blind packs of 3.

According to the Nintendo of Norway website, the pack design has the sticker “Series 1” slapped onto it, which suggests Nintendo will be releasing more Amiibo cards in the future, though whether they’ll also be Animal Crossing related is unknown.

In addition to this one of the three cards will be a “special” card too, which is exciting.

When the game launches in Japan on July 30, the packs will be priced at around 300 yen, which is £1.55, but it’s likely these will be priced similar to other trading card packs at around £2.50/£3.00, though official US and UK pricing is yet to be announced.


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