Apple Pay UK Launch Rumoured July 14

According to reports, stores in the UK are gearing up to accept Apple Pay payments as soon as July 14 and while this is exciting news for some UK iPhone owners, they’ll sadly still be limited to spending £20.

According to many retailers, staff and store equipment is being prepared for the roll out of Apple Pay here in the UK from July 14. Various memos, one of which is from Waitrose, shows instructions as well as the launch date of July 14 noting that no additional changes are to be made. Great news, if you’re spending less than £20, however.

For a while now, contactless payments here in the UK have been limited to just £20 in an effort to curb fraud. Due to the way Apple Pay works however, requiring the user to use TouchID in order to verify purchases, many thought that this cap would be lifted when it rolls out in the UK.

Unfortunately that won’t be the case as the way the stores will be handling Apple Pay payments will be done the very same way as contactless cards, this also means users won’t need to verify payments using TouchID. Because of this, the £20 cap is still enforced. From September, this limit rises to £30 for all contactless transactions, including Apple Pay.

The only way this cap can be lifted is if stores make significant changes to the hardware used to accept contactless payments which support a technology called ‘Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method’.

This does mean that merchants will need to slowly introduce this technology into stores, which may take some time considering the UK’s reluctance to adopt new technologies.

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