Apple Watch Tumble

Another quarter, another financial report from Apple and once again the Cupertino company is reporting another fantastic quarter with positive growth from iPhones. Though it’s staying surprisingly quiet about the Apple Watch.

Apple is reporting a pretty great Q3 2015 this year, revealing that it had generated nearly $11 billion profit over the last three months, this is the third quarter in a row that Apple has reported higher profits.

Revenue for the company alone was $50 billion which was mostly attributed to sales of the iPhone. The company revealed that they’d shifted 47.5 million handsets in the last three months, a 60 per cent rise year-on-year. iPad sales on the other hand are declining, but Apple didn’t see that as much of a problem considering.

This quarter should have actually been a good time for us to hear the truth behind the Apple Watch, the company’s latest device and their debut into the wearables market. Over the past few weeks reports have been suggesting that following the initial launch, Apple is selling very little Watches, so many have had their eyes on Apple’s Q3 report to hear how the Apple Watch is doing.

Unsurprisingly Apple has remained pretty schtum on the subject lumping their Apple Watch into the “Other” category, which the company has revealed was up 49 per cent year-on-year in terms of revenue. Of course, this category likely includes accessories and products from their Beats Audio acquisition, so it does little to show how the Apple Watch is doing.

Another big launch for the company was Apple Music, something that’s been added to their “Services” category, which is up 12 per cent on 2014’s figure, though this again doesn’t reveal much on how well Apple Music is actually doing in terms of subscribers.


With a pretty generous three month free trial, we likely won’t hear much about Apple Music’s profit until another quarter and a half, I believe. So we’re likely looking towards their Q1 2016 report for that.


As for Apple’s world domination, the company remains pretty popular outside the US with international sales comprising of 56 per cent of its revenue during the third quarter.

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