Apple Watch Sales are on the Decline

Who’d have thought the Apple Watch would start seeing a decline in sales? Pretty much everyone, actually. According to MarketWatch since the launch and the sudden influx of people clambering for one of the sought after wearables, sales have seen a decline of 90 per cent since opening week.

According to the report, Apple is selling less than 20,000 Apple Watches a day in the US alone since its launch in April, on some days sales have dipped lower than 10,000, according to data from Slice Intelligence.

Slice Intelligence estimates than in launch week Apple sold around 1.5 million watches which is the equivalent of around 200,000 devices per day. So in comparison, that’s a drastic decline.

The Apple Watch launched in several different flavours and had totally sold out all pre-allocated stock during the pre-order period. This suggested that Apple may have hit the nail on the head when it comes to wearables, but now the initial hype has died down, it shows quite the opposite.

Slice also reports that two-thirds of the watches sold so far have been the lower-priced “Sport” version of the watch, rather than the more expensive Apple Watch, or Apple Watch Edition. Though who in their right mind would spend £10,000 on a smartwatch? Speaking of which, Slice estimates that fewer than 2,000 “Editions” have been sold in the US.


Apple has refused to comment on the matter.

Unfortunately like with most tech, the first editions are always later improved on in newer models as technologies improve, software is developed upon, and initial usage data is taken into consideration.

Am I surprised the Apple Watch is reportedly tanking? Not at all.

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