BAFTA Announces Winners of Young Game Designers Awards
D. Winners Group Shots

This weekend a special ceremony took place to award a very unique bunch of game creators. These game creators are aged between 10 and 18 and are the recipients of the BAFTA Young Game Designers (YGD) Award.

Currently in its fifth year, the winners were announced during the ceremony on Saturday, July 25, and awarded four budding developers awards in two main categories: The Game Concept Award, for a written idea of a new game; and the Game Making Award, for a game made using computer software.

Those winners are as follows:

  • Game Concept Award (10-14 year-old category): Camylle Tuliao, aged 14, from Basildon in Essex, with her game Dreams.
  • Game Concept Award (15-18 year-old category): Jack Reynolds, aged 15, from Highgate in London, with his game Ouroboros.
  • Game Making Award (10-14 year-old category): Louis Jackson, aged 11, from Hove in East Sussex, with his game Block.
  • Game Making Award (15-18 year-old category): Jack Mills, aged 17, from Liverpool, with his game Utopia of Rhythm.

A series of prizes has also been given to each winner from some of the biggest names in the industry including Sony, Unity, JAGEX, Warner Bros., and more.

In addition to the two main awards, a series of others were handed out to those who have played an integral part in getting young people into game design and development, those were:

The YGD Mentor Award which was awarded to Ray Chambers, Head of IT and Uppingham Community College in Rutland, East Midlands, for his involvement in the education of young game designers. And the YGD Hero Award, which was awarded to Lydia Winters, Brand Director at Mojang, on behalf of Minecraft, for its support for young games designers.

As of late a lot of effort is being put into getting young people into game development and coding, something I personally wish was offered more when I was a wee lad. And it’s nice to see this effort being rewarded as such.