Did you not like the destruction rampage Superman went on in 2012’s Man Of Steel? Well don’t worry, it turns out everyone in the movie universe was a bit cross.

Warner Bros were also a little unhappy about the fact that you were unhappy too and decided to try a new franchise fixing technique. Throw Batman at it. That’s right, it seems that Superman and Batman will be having a slight throwdown, borrowing the visuals from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

The product of Sin City scribe, Frank Miller, a tale of an older more violent Batman coming out of retirement and not just upsetting the baddies, but also the US government.

How much of that will make it into the film? Well, trailers do tend to be about misdirection and good old confusion. So, sometimes it can be hard to tell.

Well for one, it looks like someone Bruce Wayne knows gets hurt in the Zod vs Superman fight from Man of Steel.

The rumours about Joker killing Robin and getting locked up with The Suicide Squad seem legit, as Bruce Wayne looks over a costume spray-painted with the phrase ‘Haha, the Joke’s on you Batman’ and that could have caused Bruce to retire.

Superman is still being held accountable for his fight with Zod. The rocket he saves could be the origin of Cyborg Superman.

Lex Luthor has Kryptonite, something that was missing from the first film, which is weird, when you think about what a big thing it is in the comics.

So now Zack Synder (Watchmen and Sucker Punch) will join Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan as the next Batman cinema scribe.

Check it out on March 25, 2016.

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