Interceptor Entertainment, the folks behind Rise of the Triad have shown us a nice chunk of gameplay from their upcoming ARPG titled Bombshell. We’re shown a nice 10 minutes of solid gun-toting mayhem and how the game looks and feels.

There’s definitely a Diablo-esque feel to it, along with the tone of a Duke Nukem style game, which is interesting given the history of this games development.

3D Realms originally thought they had rights to make a Duke Nukem game, and so when an ARPG titled Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction was announced, Gearbox swiftly swooped in with a lawsuit to claim what was rightfully theirs. So essentially Interceptor changed the protagonist and now that is what this game has become.

It looks pretty cool but we’ll see how it’s received when it arrives on PC in Autumn this year.