Now humans have all but conquered space travel and have finally reached the final planet(ish) in our solar system, some people have decided to look more into who else may be out there. Those people are physisist Stephen Hawking and Internet investor Yuri Milner along with UC Berkeley who have committed $100 million over 10 years in search of alien life.

It’s called Breakthrough Listen and despite fears that it may cause Earth to be “conquered and colonised”, Hawking is pretty committed to the idea.

“We believe that life arose spontaneously on Earth,” Hawking said at a news conference in London, “So in an infinite universe, there must be other occurrences of life.”

Breakthrough Listen will utilise a series of radio telescopes, lasers, and other equipment that’ll allow researchers to essentially listen out for life in the vastness of outer space. This massive cash injection will allow for both guaranteed equipment time as well as leading to research that’ll help develop dedicated processing equipment that could hopefully vastly improve the discovery process.

With this agreement, researchers have 10 years of funding which in reality is hardly enough time to do the amount of searching needed, but what it will do will help advance science even further, even if the search fails to find anything. This research will also play a huge part in the future of space exploration as well as allowing others to use the data found (as it’ll all be public) to use as they wish.

So, we may not find any sign of life out there, but what it will achieve is better advances in the science behind space exploration and more.

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