Power Rangers

Back in the early 90s, The Power Rangers was a successful kids TV show that used action footage from a Japanese TV show called Super Sentai. The Power Rangers themselves were five teens with various gymnastics and martial art skills and each could ‘morph’ into a costumed hero of a different colour with a dinosaur themed mecha (aka zords/megazords). All of this took place in one city called Angel Grove.

By 1995, the franchise was seen to be a huge success with high ratings, sales in toys and an army of fans. A feature length big budget movie was inevitable.

The writers did away with the micro budget setting of the TV show and set the movie in an alternate universe. The changes included costumes that looked less like a body suit and more like body armour, new henchmen for bad guys Rita Repulsa and Lord Zeed, tweaks to the characters’ appearances and an all around more expensive feel to the project.

Our story begins with the prison Ivan Ooze, the movie’s bad guy being uncovered. After that he and the Power Rangers clash, he goes and finds Zordon, the commander of the Power Rangers and wizard of the ages and destroys the Power Rangers’ power source, injuring Zordon.

With Ooze set to take over the world with his buried terribly done CGI mecha, the Rangers must go off-world and find a new power source, since Ooze’s action had wiped their ability to morph.

On a far and distant planet, the Rangers do battle with more of Ooze’s minions whilst he plots to mind control all the parents of Angel Grove to unearth his mecha. When the Rangers met Dulcea, dressed very unsuitable for a kids film, she grants them the power of the Ninjetti: ninja-themed costumes with a different animal spirit for all six of them as a temporary measure until the rangers find the new power source.

The Power Rangers find the source and head home. Using their new mecha, they battle Ooze’s evil mecha and ultimately beat a giant sized Ooze by kneeing him in the groin and throwing him in front of a comet.

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