So, it’s happened again. I found another anime to watch: Attack on Titan. Why? Because I’m saving up. So I’m not buying a huge amount of comics at the moment.

So, what oh what is Attack on Titan. Well, it’s an anime based on manga about an alternate universe in which creepy naked giants called Titans stalk the Earth and humanity has to hide behind a load of walls to keep safe. You have three walls: Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sina.

Wall Sina protects the rich, whilst the other two are full of cannon fodder and peasants. When Wall Maria is breached, everyone had to hide behind Wall Rose. When Eren Jager’s mother is killed, he joins the military, who use 3D Manoeuvre Gear (essentially a grapple belt with swords). His goal, to kill all Titans. Will he do it? I don’t know, I’ve not finished watching it yet.

So, what do I like? I like the grapple belt fight scenes. It’s like Spider-man and it’s a super creative way of combat. Impractical? Yeah of course it is, but sometimes fantastic solutions are the most interesting. Like building a house out of genetically altered wood to stop a wolf to blowing it down all the time.

Commander Pixis is fun; his character design is interesting. The crows feet are just amazing visually, if you like skin things. Just imagine a very eccentric Captain Picard who doesn’t like losing at anything.

Well I don’t know if it’s just me, but I really struggle to take the dramatic scenes seriously, the other the top facial expressions and loud yelling. Isn’t it all a bit much?

What don’t I like? The pacing, I know it’s a huge problem with anime, since it’s being produced at the same time of the manga being published, so it has little material to go on, and so it needs to kill some time, but come on, the long boring exposition conversations between characters? It kills the pacing.

Also? Eren goes from boring and bland to a full on sociopath. Introduced as a blank slate anime protagonist, he’s suddenly flash backed as a child who killed three dudes brutally? Fair play, it was self-defence. But still pretty brutal.

Will I like the end of the anime? Find out when I finish it.

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