Burnout Paradise Could be Coming to Xbox One

Criterion Games has announced on Twitter that they’re working with Microsoft to bring their classic racer, Burnout Paradise, to Xbox One as part of the console’s backwards compatibility.

Details are pretty thin at the moment, but Criterion promise to have more information soon.

At E3 last month, Microsoft unveiled that the Xbox One would be getting backwards compatibility with some 100 games being made available by the end of the year. The way this works is simple, when an Xbox 360 disc is inserted into the console, the new feature will launch what is essentially an Xbox 360 emulator, it’ll download the game from Microsoft’s servers, then you’ll be able to play it.

A handful of games are already available for preview members, but its set to officially roll out by “holiday 2015”.

Many games are being requested for backwards compatibility with the most requested title being Red Dead Redemption.

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