Could Eureka be behind Marvel Phase 2?

So, it’s time for yet another stretched fan theory, because nothing has really happened this week that has gotten the old juicy writing stuff going for me. It’s time to fuse Marvel with… Eureka.

I’ve been meaning to talk about Eureka (or as it’s also known outside of the UK, A Town Called Eureka) for a while. A charming science fiction show that follows the adventures of Sheriff Jack Carter, your average intelligence cop dealing with the hassle of policing a town of geniuses that work for a government think tank, producing science for the US Government.

Now, I think this little show got unfairly culled because SyFy decided to produce nonsense like Sharknado. OK, time for a sidebar. So, what’s my problem with Sharknado? Well, I assume the people that have thrown money at this franchise think this: ‘Oh I get it, it’s being bad on purpose. Oh, that’s ironic, oh that’s really clever, being bad on purpose is really clever! Just like me pretending to enjoy old cartoons or quoting famous people from yesteryear who I know nothing about or taking bland photos on Instagram that don’t accurately explain what I’m doing.’

Maybe a bit of a stretch, maybe I should calm down and watch some new Stargate or Battlestar Galactica. Oh, hang on, I can’t…

So, back to normal. Eureka used to build weapons and equipment for the government. What if one of those departments was SHIELD? Could that be the link to The Marvel Universe? Maybe Eureka was in charge of the Phase 2 project. Think about it, they even had one episode where the town had its own superhero for a bit. Captain Eureka – a hero that used all the gadgets available in the labs of GD.

How has no one from GD met anyone from the Marvel Universe? Well GD went private and stepped away from working with the government. Plus, it’s a top secret research facility. The Avengers don’t know all of SHIELD’s secrets. They didn’t know about HYDRA, what else could that be hidden at the bottom of their secret chest?