Could Microsoft be Looking to Purchase AMD?

AMD, currently known as the struggling chip maker, could be acquired by computing giant Microsoft according to report. Sources familiar with the matter speaking with KitGuru have revealed that Microsoft is hoping to revive its chip design operations with the purchase.

According to sources, Microsoft approached Advanced Micro Sevices several months ago, though the source had no information as to what the result of these talks were.

Interestingly, both Microsoft and Sony’s latest-generation consoles, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 both run on AMD’s Jaguar-architecture APU’s, so if Microsoft were to purchase the chip-maker, Sony would have to hand over a significant amount of cash to Microsoft for every PlayStation 4 sold. Which would be a right kick in the nads for Sony who’s currently lording it over Microsoft with their phenomenal console sales numbers.

As well as Microsoft, another chip manufacturer has been sniffing over the dying corpse of AMD, the creator of the popular Snapdragon chip, Qualcomm. The company’s CEO, Steve Mollenkopf, has previously stated that they’re looking to bolster their server sector through either a merger or acquisition, so this would seem like a fitting acquisition.

Finally, Samsung has also been pencilled in for the running as they’d use AMD’s CPU and GPU technology to rival Qualcomms current efforts.


Ultimately it comes down to whether AMD is actually putting itself up for sale, which is currently being kept under wraps. If the above reports and rumours are true however, it’ll be interesting to see who exactly comes out on top, and how things will change in the future, especially if Microsoft is the highest bidder.

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