NaturalMotion Announce CSR2, the Ultimate Car-Porn Game

CSR Racing quickly became one of the best car drag racing titles in the app store after its release in 2012 offering simplistic gameplay with incredible visuals even today. But things are about to get even hotter under the hood with the announcement of CSR2 the next-generation CSR Racing title boasting more details than ever before.

CSR2 takes what made CSR Racing great and multiplying that by 1000. Not only are the cars even more authentic to their real-life models, the game brings “never-before-seen” levels of visual fidelity to the mobile racing genre on mobile. But how is that possible?

Speaking with Torsten Reil during a closed preview of the title, he explained how NaturalMotion have worked with vehicle manufacturers to make the in-game cars as true to life as their real-life counterparts. He also demonstrated a new level of interactivity within the new game, and that’s the ability to not only pan around the gorgeous looking vehicles, but players can open trunks and bonnets to see what’s inside as well as opening the doors to see the game’s interior.

“Each car has been meticulously created from manufacturer CAD data to give players the most authentic customization experience. Not only can you choose the official paint options for the body and brake calipers but even the real-world manufacturer and model trim options to truly make each car your own,” Torsten said in a blog post.

NaturalMotion Announce CSR2, the Ultimate Car-Porn Game - n3rdabl3

Though the game still features the drag racing mechanic, the level of detail that has been included in not only choosing your vehicle, but customising your vehicle, and getting the same experience you would if you purchased one of the game’s super cars in real life. From my short hands-on time with the game, I was truly impressed with the level of detail that’ll be coming with the game.

Another new addition to the game is the added joy of seeing all of the cars you own. No longer are you limited to just one car in your garage, you can go one step further and have an entire showroom to mooch around in and see all of the cars you’ve purchased in incredible detail.

Speaking of which, Torsten also revealed that they have one member of the team with a career in car paint, who’s working solely on the in-game paintwork ensuring that it’s true to life and reacts in exactly the same way as it would in real life depending on the light in the game.

“To make this dream a reality, the team has built upon some of the world’s most advanced shading and lighting techniques to mimic how light reflects from cars in real life. For example, physically based shading is used to simulate the interactions that cars in your garage have with light sources to capture reality in the most stunning way possible,” Torsten writes.

NaturalMotion Announce CSR2, the Ultimate Car-Porn Game - n3rdabl3

Like I said, CSR2 is the ultimate car-porn game.

You’re probably wondering however, when does CSR2 launch? In the coming weeks the game will enter the first of many soft launch phases, with the final game launching later this year on mobile devices worldwide.

Want to know what I mean about the incredible visuals? Check out the teaser trailer and the in-game screenshots below, all of which are captured on an iPhone 6.

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