I didn’t know the Dark Souls modding scene was still in full force but lo and behold, about a month ago this sweet little mod came out that changes everything about how Dark Souls looks.

First, it strips the majority of the game’s graphics down to the basics, then adds a black and white filter along with some other technical mumbo-jumbo to result in a Limbo/Another World (known as Out of This World in the US)-esque experience. In the above video, the Twitch streamer plays without a HUD too so you can witness it all in full glory.

You have to bare with it awhile – the initial areas are a little groggy and a bit too dark, but as the player gets into some bigger areas the world opens up and there’s a shocking contrast of dark and light. I’d love to attempt the whole game like this but because of the simplified graphics, it’s actually impossible to see a handful of boss’ attacks.

If you want to check out the mod for yourself there’s even a video by the same guy on how to add it to your game!

Having recently started a blind playthrough of Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin on PS4 in preparation for the upcoming sequel, I can certainly appreciate the value in replaying these games with slight tweaks and changes to freshen up the experience.

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